1. Jonah's Prayer


Tried to run away
Out across the ocean
Fleeing from the Lord
Fleeing from the Lord
Run before the storm
Skim across the ocean
Had to beg the sailors of my ship
To throw me overboard

I am fearful and cold
And falling through this bottomless ocean
I am filled with regret
O what have I done
You become this great creature that swallows my life
And goes diving down and down
To the bones of the earth
To the deepest depth

Three days
Three days
Praying in the belly of the whale
Three nights
Three soggy nights
Buried in the flesh of the whale

Can you hear me
Hear my prayer
From beneath all of this water
Can you find me
Will you save
Bring me back to the light of your presence
I’m depending on you
I’m counting on you
I’m hoping you’re out there
Are you out there somewhere

When I’m in a giant fish
Out upon the salty sea
And the water’s rushing in
And the seaweed strangles me
And it’s clear there’s no escape
Not a chance I’ll get away
Then you’ve got my attention Lord
And you’re the only one I want