1. O Nicodemus

I try to be still and imagine
This flowing water of life
It has no end or beginning
Is unbounded by time and tide
Throw me into the river
Teach me to swim
Don’t leave me to die at the water’s edge
Let me be born again

I try to be still and imagine
The infinite trillion stars
That turn in uncountable galaxies
And burn for uncountable years
Cast me out among the star fields
Teach me to ride the stellar winds
Don’t leave me here on this dieing rock
Oh let me be born again

refrain - repeat 2 times

O - O - O Nicodemus, O - O - O Nicodemus, O - O - O Nicodemus
You gotta be born of water and the Spirit
You gotta be lifted up into eternity
You gotta believe the God that made you
Loves you and will save you
Born again in Jesus’ name
You gotta believe


Come out of the shadows
Into the light
Let go of the shadows
Full in the light
Son of God is not here to condemn
Save this world
Save this world through him

I try to be still and imagine
The unimaginable presence of God
And of course it’s beyond my capacity
But I am offered the grace of God
Oh bring me into your shelter
Just grab me and haul me right in
Don’t set me adrift in the darkness
I want to be born again

repeat refrain 2 times