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Garrison Doles: Home

How to host a Song Chapel concert

1. Listen to some of the songs on the player that you'll find on the left side of this page.

2. Take a look at your calendar and think about when you'd like to have a concert.

3. Send me an email - - and we can choose a date.

4. Smile in anticipation of the wonderful time we're going to have together. 


It's easy!
All you have to do is
gather your folks together
and I'll make sure they're glad they came!

 I'd be happy to bring the Song Chapel to your church/school/community


just drop me a line -


What is the Song Chapel?

Garrison Doles shows up at your door with a guitar slung over his shoulder and begins to deliver the songs that God has provided, songs that are real and substantial, made of scripture and worship and prayer. Here is the workman with his tools and materials and God builds a chapel of song. 


Penetrating deep into the landscape of contemporary Christian life to render an authentic, personal account.

The songs and stories of Garrison Doles arise from a distinctive spiritual practice and give voice to a longing for deeper surrender to God’s presence and assurance. An accomplished and popular professional performer, this faithful journeyman committed himself in 2002 to the discipline of writing new songs every month for The Wellsprings Service, a creative worship gathering that ministers to a diverse community.

“I write these songs out of my engagement with the scriptures and out of my own unique spiritual journey. Listening for God’s voice in the stillness, I try to allow myself to be available as an instrument of God’s expression, so that I may render the richness of these treasured texts into songs that crack the shell of familiarity and offer sustenance for our daily lives. I’m called to share the fruits of this spiritual practice with a broader congregation, and I’d like to come to your church.”

With Garrison’s savory mix of songs and stories, these concerts offer humor, depth, and meaning. Each one can be a full evening in itself, or Garrison can craft something to complement an event already on your schedule. Men’s groups, women’s groups, college age, young marrieds, singles: in the company of Garrison Doles, any group will find itself drawn deeper into the transforming grace and mystery of God.

“Garrison Doles blends heart and faith into melodies that stir the soul. His music is both inspiring and filled with the message of God’s love and grace. He combines his gifts of song and story with a humility that speaks to the soul. Warning: his music may cause you to tap a foot, join in on a chorus, or well up with tears! If you miss hearing Garrison, you’ve missed an opportunity to draw near to the heart of god.”

Dr. Wayne Wiatt
District Superintendent, East Central District
Florida Conference, United Methodist Church

“In a time when our souls are troubled with many worries, tasks, and anxieties, flooded with media that is dead set on drawing us away from the life of the Holy Spirit, Garrison Doles brings us back to our center, to the God who dwells in and around us. Through his ministry, as witnessed in my own parish congregation, I have experienced an evening of joy, release, and faith-building that touched the lives of all those present.”

Rev. Ben Berinti, C.Pp.S.
Pastor, Nativity Catholic Church
Longwood, Florida

“Garrison Doles’ unique guitar playing, both intricate and raw, mixes with his thoughtful assembly of lyrics to create a melodic story you will want to read over and over again. The brush work of deep insight stands out starkly against the canvas of his simple yet serious devotion. I relish every opportunity to hear Garrison perform, and I recommend him to all who are interested in going deeper with their lord.”

Rev. Mo Leverett
Urban Ministry leader, Singer/Songwriter
Presbyterian Church in America

“Garrison is prophetic and God’s spirit speaks to my heart through him. His creative gifts have been a blessing to this congregation.”

Rev. John Christiansen
Senior Pastor, Orlando Community Church